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 903,496 Small Business Loans Approved    Total Amount: $169,539,855,656
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Small Business Loans by County

State Information
State Wyoming (WY)
Number of Companies Approved for Small Business Loans from 1990 - 20092,633
Total Dollar Amount of Small Business Loans Approved from 1990 - 2009$455,087,700
Number of Counties in state23

Wyoming Small Business Loan Approval Totals by County from 1990 - 2009
County & StateNumber of BusinessesDollar Amount of Approved Loans
Albany County WY 151$28,314,734
Big Horn County WY 64$12,461,699
Campbell County WY 292$55,284,133
Carbon County WY 74$16,491,620
Converse County WY 76$15,181,460
Crook County WY 35$3,527,300
Fremont County WY 144$20,637,920
Goshen County WY 46$5,100,973
Hot Springs County WY 41$4,831,837
Johnson County WY 94$20,157,883
Laramie County WY 243$42,061,589
Lincoln County WY 59$9,569,384
Natrona County WY 406$68,856,435
Niobrara County WY 22$3,425,800
Park County WY 227$36,831,426
Platte County WY 48$7,792,335
Sheridan County WY 150$25,309,064
Sublette County WY 26$3,576,928
Sweetwater County WY 111$24,021,037
Teton County WY 124$23,630,236
Uinta County WY 110$12,051,639
Washakie County WY 47$8,041,512
Weston County WY 23$5,112,100


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